Fatty Wants to Run?

I want to be able to run a marathon.

Now, being a fat girl, I don’t actually want to run a marathon.  I just want to be able to do it.

For those not in the know, a marathon is over 26 miles.  Of running.  Outside.  Hours of running.

I hate running.

But I want to be able to run a marathon.

Then I started to research, because that is what I do when I want to do something.  I research it.  I found a whole bunch of inspirational sites about how overweight people certainly can train for marathons or half marathons.  Sites about how good it was to run.  How good it feels.

And then I hit the dark side.

I found videos of people making fun of the fat girl brave enough to post a video of her work out.

I found message boards being flat out assholes about that fat girl who manages to run a marathon and still be fat.

I see all the skinny women with their thigh gaps and their unicorn fart diets doing their workouts for ‘beginners’ that are nothing close to beginner friendly.

And all that reminds me why I don’t train for a marathon.  Why I don’t have a gym membership.  Why I don’t go to classes or have a personal trainer.

Because fat people don’t get to work out.

Fuck it.

No More Stink!

Kids stink.

There, I said it.

They are really good at magically making things smell, like mattresses.

Ok, it isn’t their fault.  Fabrics of all kinds are really good at trapping odors of all sorts.  Urine, pet smells, smoke, that thing you burned in the kitchen last week still lingering in your couch cushions.

I now know a way to deal with those smells.  (It would probably work on carpet too, though I haven’t tried it yet.)

Vinegar.  And a sprinkle of baking soda.

You know that spray bottle you have under your kitchen sink.  Yeah, the one with the 50/50 vinegar and water solution you use on your counter tops because you are a hip modern parent.  Grab it.  That is your magic bottle.

It not only does countertops, you can spray it on your fabrics.  It’s clear, so staining really isn’t a problem (don’t spray silk!).  It’s all natural.  It smells like vinegar.

Ok, the last might not be a selling point, so open your windows.  It’s a good time of year for that anyway.

I had a problem.  Dillon likes to play on my bed during the day and has been known to… well… pee on it.  Drives me crazy.

So, I stripped the bed, sprayed the whole mattress with vinegar and then let that bad boy dry.  (Don’t saturate it, a light spray is plenty.)  Vinegar is an odor magnet.  I don’t know how.  (You can actually set little bowls of it around before company comes over and it will suck up all the odors and trap them.  Just dump the bowls down the drain and you house will smell fresh.)

I let it dry.  Turn a fan on it, have those lovely open windows freshening the room.  Seriously, it’s worth the temporary vinegar smell.

Once it’s dry to the touch, sprinkle some baking soda all over.  Baking soda is another good odor buster.  Sprinkle your carpets before your vacuum.  Now, let that baking soda marinate for a good long time.  You can work it into the fibers a bit if you like.  Dillon helped by jumping on the bed to get them good and deep.

The last step is to vacuum your bed.  Whatever method you use that works for you is fine, but get all that baking soda off the mattress.  Which now smells fresh and clean.

Now that your mattress smells fresh… GET A MATTRESS PROTECTOR SO IT DOESN’T HAPPEN AGAIN.

I love vinegar.

Texas and the Heatwave?

So, it’s summer.  I hate it.  Dillon hates it.  We have had nearly a full month of 100 degree plus weather.  Nothing but sunshine and heat baking the world.  All we do is camp out inside in the vain hope that we can stay reasonably cool.  All the windows are covered, the air conditioner and fans are all on full, and we try not to move around too much.  I hate summer.

There are days I’m not sure why I live in Texas… what possessed me to move here in the first place?  I don’t know anymore.  Half the year the weather isn’t too bad.  It’s what would be normal summer anywhere else.  Then Texas summer hits… and I begin to wonder where nice weather really is.

Poor Dillon is really miserable.  I can’t take him outside.  He’s stuck in the house with us when he’s of the age where running around outside is what he wants to do.  The minute I take him outside now, he gets horrible heat rash everywhere.  It doesn’t seem to bother him, yet, but it’s ugly.  Even in the house, it’s hot and humid.  We are all sticky sweaty and grumpy in the afternoons simply because we can’t cool off.  Or I have to camp in my bedroom with Dillon and try to keep him entertained that way.  At least my cave is semi cool.

I hate doing this to him… how much longer can I just make him stay indoors in the summer?  I need to start considering now where I’m going to take him… somewhere he can safely play outside in the summer.

It’s Still Love

Two weeks of cloth diapering of various sorts, and I’m still in love. Not only that, I’ve created converts. People who KNEW disposable diapers were way better than cloth have now seen the light. A friend who is currently trying to get knocked up with her third little. Auntie, who isn’t pregnant, but would like to have at least one baby soonish. Even Daddy is on board, changing diapers when we go to visit. No one around me looks at me like I’m crazy when I go on about the wonders of cloth.

Come to find out, people I never thought were cloth advocates ARE. My mom, for one, she even helped me to buy some more diapers, giving me a little loan to do it sooner than I would be able to myself. One of my aunts used cloth on her son, and that was more than 30 years ago (yes, we will leave it at that!) when disposables were the ONLY way to do it.

I even like using flats. Each morning I slap a flat on him, no cover, since I only have one crocheted one that is just too bulky for anything but night. I let his little body air out after his nighttime flooding (which I’ve been using flats for and he can’t get out of them, so the bed stays nice and dry!) He seems to like running around in the flats and they give his skin time to air out, which is helping with his rash issues alot. He hasn’t had a major rash since the SWITCH, which is wonderful for both of us. No more monkey butt! I have to change him as soon as he gets wet, which I should be doing anyway, so it’s not really an issue at all. The pinning… not so much my love. If I was using proper birdseye, it might be easier, but I’ve been using receiving blankets, and that flannel is HARD to pin.

Now, as to the new diapers I bought. I looked and looked and researched and got opinions. I know now what I like in a diaper, sort of, and what I don’t. I don’t like the inserts. They don’t stay in place. I don’t like PUL against sensetive skin, it leaves redmarks on my little (another reason to let him run around in flats at home). I do like using a prefold as an insert, but I don’t have enough of them, just a few that missed getting turned into rags or getting tossed when he grew out of needed 40 burp cloths a day. Not to mention, those are the Gerbers… not great for diapers, though they made premium burp rags.

Fluffy butt!

I found alot of options; prefolds, flats, fitteds. The one I think best for us, prefolds and a cover. That didn’t narrow it down all that much. There are Real Nappies (which I almost went with because they have nice little sets of everything you need), many and varied organics, alot of bamboo or hemp options… expensive or cheap… ARGH! I finally decided to give Green Mountain Diapers a try. Their sizing is larger than most prefolds, and since Dillon is a heavy wetter, he can use the extra layers in their prefolds. And if we decide to go with fitteds, I can try them there too, at a relatively low cost.

Then onto covers. That’s when I started getting headaches and didn’t know where to turn. There were expensive ones, cheap ones, exposed PUL, hidden PUL. I don’t know! Again, I resorted to GMD. I love the reviews and explanations and pictures of all the diapers, even on toddlers! Their website is THE most informative I’ve found. So, I ordered a Thirsties and a Bummis, recommended by Karen of GMD for first time cloth diaperers.  I really want a few wool pull up covers for nighttime… but I need to measure my little.  He’s a big boy, already moving into 3Ts, even though he’s not yet 18 months.  GMD is also wonderfully priced (some of the covers are a bit higher than elsewhere, but as far as flats and prefolds of that quality, they are number 1).

Using cloth is a wonderfully carefree experience, but buying it is another thing altogether.  It’s a headache.  It’s difficult to find honest reviews.  Some of them are really pricey, so it’s hard to rationalize buying and trying.  My recommendation?  Find some second hand to try out.  I think I will be scouring craigslist and diaperswappers in the future.

Mixed Blessings

So… flats are… interesting.  He seems to like them, even my fumbled attempts.  The first one, I tried folding it origami style.  I like that one because it has extra layers in the middle where they are needed.  It was a bit of a bust, though I’m not sure if it just didn’t fit or if I screwed up the pinning and tucking so badly… we had a bit of a blowout.  So much for the diaper cover.  Oops.

So, onward we went.  I tried the kite fold.  It fits.  He lets me fumble around pinning and tucking with no complaints so far.  I’m not sure if he just thinks I’m funny, or if he prefers the flats to the gdiaper.  I’m going for funny.  My first kite fold… well… lets just say Mommy is made of FAIL.  The crotch flap apparently was not in the pins.  Needless to say, he was walking around with a belt cape and thought it was FAN-tastic.  So, I tried again, this time, SUCCESS!  I even got some pictures, though he wasn’t cooperating.  He wanted to play with the camera, not stand so mommy could get pictures of his fluffy butt.

I'm cute!

I’m showing the pinned cloth without a cover. Without a cover, it’s so not waterproof, though the cloth is very absorbant and I don’t mind having him run around the house like that… except for one problem. Nothing holds the ‘jelly rolls’ tight around his leg and so he gets some droopage in the butt that is NOT good for poops.

Taking the Plunge, so to Speak

I’m doing it.  I’m taking the plunge.  I’m attempting to make my own soaker pants to use with flats.  I’m even trying pins!  I will use flannel receiving blankets (which I used all the time, I don’t know what everyone talks about them being useless!), flour sack towels, and the left over prefolds I used as burp cloths.

I decided to try them out after reading all the fabulous blogs of people involved in the Flat and Handwashing Challenge, started by http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/.  She is my hero.  It’s not about throwbacks, but instead proving that anyone can diaper their baby, even if you have no money to do it with.  More than 400 families are involved now.  It’s amazing.  No, I’m not participating.  I didn’t find it early enough to join in, and I’m not sure I could do a week of hand washing… not to mention, I have no covers yet!

It’s amazing, reading all the blogs of the mom’s involved, though.  They are my heroes, proving that cloth diapering IS a viable option, since there is no government assistance to keep your youngling in diapers.  The flats I’m using, I got at Wal-mart, 5 of them for less than $5.  They are dishtowels!  The pins were 4/$1, and I’m crocheting a cover, (I’m taking a break from it, as I type.)  I’m using a free pattern (found here) I dug off the internet.  It seems big, but I suppose it has to be to properly cover the flat.  I’m using a soaker style to keep busy fingers from undoing velcro (which has become a major problem, especially at night.)  I keep finding Dillon naked in bed in the morning, though thankfully, today at least, he didn’t pee all over the bed.  Thank god for plastic matresses in cribs.

So, cross your fingers for me, and cheer on the families involved in the challenge!

Ugly weather!

Surrounded by viscious (rope) tornadoes, we weathered the storm in comfort, watching the news like hawks, but we are fine.  A few little branches down from my tree, but that’s it.  We had some bad straight line winds, but nothing worse at my house.  Nearby there was up to baseball sized hail and several little tornadoes.  Glad they stayed away from me!

The Diaper Revolution: The Wonderful World of Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapers.  No, not the old throwbacks with pins and plastic pants.  The NEW age of cloth diapering.  It’s fantastic… and you can still use pins if you want, but you don’t have to.  There are a million and one options.  And I love it.  Dillon loves it.  Disposables don’t seem so convenient after a year and a half.  They are a pain.  Mountains of trash, diaper rash, running out… it’s a nightmare.  Not to mention the fact that they just don’t fit!

We were having alot of diapering problems.  The fit just wasn’t any good, sagging down to his chubby little knees.  Not to mention his constant itching and the mother of all diaper rashes.  No matter how often I changed him, the diaper sagged and he was itching.  I changed brands, same problem.  Creams, powders, different wipes, and he was still getting rashes.  It was aweful for all of us…. to the point, I was considering potty training even though he isn’t ready for it.  All that without considering the amount of money I was wasting on diapers, have already wasted on diapers, when there was another option!

I had considered cloth diapering before Dillon was born, but the number of options and ways to do it was so daunting, as was the idea of washing my own diapers.  It was a scary thing, and I didn’t have anyone to clue me in on where to start with it.  All in ones, all in two, tri-folds, flats, fitted, covers, styles, sizes, oh my!  And, good lord, ONE diaper that costs $12?!  Well… in retrospect, spending a couple hundred dollars to outfit Dillon for his entire diapering career doesn’t seem too bad anymore.  Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

So, almost a year and a half of disposable diapers later, I took the leap and got my first set of cloth diapers.  I got what was available locally at Babies R Us, because, well, they were available locally.  I got myself a set of gdiapers.  They are what is known as a one-in-two or a hybrid.  I fell in love with cloth diapering from the very first day.  The cloth is easy to clean, Dillon’s rash went away almost immediately, I feel like I can change him as often as I need to without worrying about how many diapers we are going through.  If I start to run low, I put on a tiny load of wash, and voila, more diapers.  Not to mention, no sag, and his little butt looks adorable.

Now a week of cloth diapers has gone by, a tiny load of laundry each night when I go to bed.  No smell, no mountain of garbage, just a little garbage can with a lid as a diaper bin and a bottle of Totally Toddler to pretreat the dirties.  A week later, and I’m sold, completely, on the convenience of cloth.  He’s comfy, the itching at his winkie is over with.  Even as heavy as he wets, there is no rash, though if I don’t get the pad just right, we sometimes have a bit of leaking, though it’s not a problem at all.  I’ve still been using disposable wipes, though I’ve started to transition to washable wipes.  When he’s dirty, I go wet a spare soaker and wipe his bum with it.  I even got bum wash.

So, after a week of falling in love with cotton, I think the gdiapers aren’t quite right for us.  Dillon is a very heavy wetter, and there are some bunching issues with the gdiaper soaker pads.  It’s not a big issue at all, but I think there must be something better out there.  I’m currently debating a few options to try next.  Maybe the fitted or the prefolds with a cover.  I like the idea of the fitted diapers, and there are many options out there for them.  I can even get hand made diapers and covers.

With so many options, I’m taking my time and doing my research.  I will probably go right ahead and try several options… though I think pocket diapers are a definite no, as are the all in ones.  They don’t seem as convenient as the fitted ones, or even the pre-folds.  Ah, the wide world of diapering… WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME HOW WONDERFUL CLOTH IS?!?!

Yay links!  A bunch of places to look at, buy, or get information about cloth diapering.  I would recommend cloth to anyone who has, or will have, a baby.

Green Mountain Diapers – Pre-folds, covers, fitted, and more, plus lots of info on diapering and tons of pictures.  I am considering trying out their fitted diapers.

Real Nappies – They have some really nice and inexpensive trial packs of prefolds and covers, as well as birth to potty training sets.  I’m considering a toddler pack.

Change-Diapers.com – This is a lovely blog that reviews various diapers and options, as well as a great source of information and give-aways.

Etsy – A wonderful place to find all sorts of handmade goodies, including, yes, diapers!

http://www.etsy.com/listing/73833076/set-of-6-fitted-diapers-size-large-snap – If anyone wants to buy me a present, this is what I want!  Mwahahahaha

How to Cloth Diaper – A wonderful blog post on the blog A Nation of Moms, a wonderful resource for all things parenting.

Cloth Wipes Solution Recipes – A link to a page of recipes to make your own cloth wipes at home!

Ugh, too long!

I know, it’s been forever since I posted.  It just hasn’t been on my mind… not has taking pictures.  Dillon has been growing into a toddler without my permission and I miss the newborn.  I look back regularly on the pictures I have and it makes me sad.  They just grow SOOOO FAST!   Its just not fair.  Not to mention, I’m not sure I like having a toddler.  So opinionated even though he refuses to use proper words still.

"This way, mom!"

On the way to Dominique's

Dillon is a walking machine.  Running in fact.  We go outside to play, though not too often, since he’s fair skinned, like me.  He loves mud, as he should.  And he loves going to the neighbor’s house, since she has lots of kids running around who are willing to play with him (she runs a small daycare out of her home and doesn’t mind Dillon dropping by to play).  He is less than helpful with gardening, though he likes to help.  I suppose it’s the whole mud thing.

Our first experience with mud!


"I'm done, even if you aren't"

My little man is still the charming little heart breaker he’s always been… though he tries to use his smile on me or his Auntie and it just doens’t work.  We scold and he turns on the charm… and when that doesn’t work, it’s a stomping cry fest, and boy does he have a pout, just to see if THAT will work on us…. yeah, it doesn’t.

Decidedly Unbusy

So, I know I haven’t posted in a bit… but, well, we haven’t been up to much that was note worthy.  Miss Phit had kittens, lucky us… Dillon is less than interested.  Well, except for the notable exeption of the time he decided it would be loads of fun to join them in their pile… they were less than thrilled to have him laying on top of them, but he thought it was wonderful.  Oh, and he learned how to play with the cats with their fishing pole.  Now THAT is funny.  Poor cats….

Yup, 5 new babies in the house.... ugh

Dillon still loves pizze, and wierdly enough, he likes to brush his teeth.  I’ve been brushing my teeth in front of him for awhile… which is likely why he stole my toothbrush.  And no, I don’t want it back… he can keep it, I got myself a new one… and this one I keep safely in a drawer.

No, this is NOT Mommy's toothbrush.

He has his very own toothbrush… Elmo, no less.  That is just not good enough, of course… not to mention, Mommy takes it away before he can steal that one and hide it too.